Autographed Show Poster - Cactus Cafe 8/25/17


Autographed Show Poster - Cactus Cafe 8/25/17

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American Dreamer made their debut at one of Austin's great acoustic music venues, the Cactus Cafe, on August 25th, 2017, sharing the stage with Misimplicity. This was also the night that Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Texas, which made for interesting weather outside the venue.

Each 12 x 17 inch  poster will be autographed by the members of American Dreamer before shipping.

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Cactus Cafe Set List 8/25/17

  1. Cue 6 // When You’re Away
  2. What about West Virginia
  3. All the Time
  4. Criminal
  5. Enjoy the Still
  6. Hey Boy
  7. Meeting with a Mr.
  8. The Taking Blues
  9. Run Run Run
  10. Come On
  11. Cue 8 // Words
  12. Looking Glass
  13. Reach for the Sun